Razor Shark

Razor Shark Slot Game

Hey, my friend, let's gear up quickly and prepare for an exciting adventure! We're about to embark on a deep-sea dive to explore the ocean depths in search of an amazing game called "Razor Shark" by Push Gaming! Are you ready to show your courage and dive fearlessly alongside those formidable sharks to uncover the hidden treasure?

Absolutely! We embark on this quest in pursuit of an extraordinary treasure hidden within the mythical game, "Razor Shark," crafted by the talented minds at Push Gaming. However, I must caution you, my friend, that this journey will be far from effortless. We shall face a formidable challenge as we confront the ruthless, bloodthirsty sharks themselves! Only the bravest souls will dare to stand their ground and seize hold of this fabled, yet cursed, treasure. Are you prepared to test your mettle against these formidable adversaries?

Imagine the scene: we plunge into the water, prepared to dive, our hearts pounding in sync with the tumultuous rhythm of the ocean. Darkness engulfs us, save for fleeting rays of sunlight piercing through the deep, as if attempting to illuminate our perilous expedition. Brace yourself, my friends, for this is an exhilarating adventure that will surely quicken the pulse!

Razor Shark

So, my friends, the question remains: Do you possess the courage to confront these living underwater tornadoes in order to seize the untold treasures they guard? Somewhere out there, in the deepest abysses, they patiently await their hero. Are you prepared to embrace the destiny of being that hero, destined to unearth their secrets? I urge each and every one of you to ponder upon this query, for the path to these treasures may be arduous, but the rewards that await are truly extraordinary!

So, friends, the question is: do you have the courage to face these living underwater tornadoes to catch these untold treasures? They are out there somewhere, in the deepest abysses, waiting for their hero. Are you ready to be that hero destined to discover them? I urge each of you to think about it, because the path to these treasures will be difficult, but the reward is something incredible!

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So prepare yourselves for a great adventure that will be talked about for years to come. Rock on, guys, because our fate depends on our courage and determination. Let's go in search of treasures slot machine Razor Shark! Let's show these sharks who's boss!

RTP 96,70%

How much can you win in Razor Shark slot?

That's just crazy! If you think you can make a huge score in Razor Shark slot, I'll tell you that you're not wrong. You can make so much money here that your eyes will be rounded with amazement!

The thing is. there is a bonus roundwhere things are very profitable. The whole story ends when all the algae on the reels completely go down. But here's the kicker: every time you spin a new spin, you might get another strip of algae.. It's like a continuous reel of brownies, bro! The free spins in this game can last indefinitely!

Razor Shark

Now, imagine adding to this madness by increasing the win multiplier with each spin. It's like an explosion out of nowhere when you already thought nothing else could happen. But no! We're getting huge payouts, bro! Your winnings are multiplied on every spin, and you just watch the amount grow and grow. It's like a pirate's chest full of gold coins!

So, if you are ready to take a risk and get into this maelstrom of excitement, then make a bet and spin the reels in the slot "Shark". Be a real brave sea wolf and rip off a huge score! This is the place where legends are born and wallets are pumped. Let luck be on your side, friend!

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Features of Razor Shark slot

Yes, yes, the Razor Shark slot has several features that will make your game even more exciting! One of them is bonus freespinsthat this slot will give you.

To run this cool bonus roundyou need to catch sea minewhich is scatter symbol in this game. If you're lucky enough to get 3 of these mines at once, congratulations! You trigger the bonus round, where you'll be given quite a few free spins.

And best of all, during these freespins we have a real water party going on here. The reels are simply bursting with algae, which is shown on every spin. These seaweeds aren't just a screen decoration, they can bring you cool wins. After all, when all the seaweed goes down, new symbols and chances for big wins are revealed.

Enjoy this crazy bonus round with your free spins. Be careful, keep your ear to the ground, and maybe you'll hit an incredible jackpot in this Shark slot. Don't forget that luck loves brave and courageous players!

Mystic rows

There's something really mystical and exciting about the Razor Shark slot - mystical rows! Such vertical columns of 4 algae charactersthat can turn your game into a real magical story.

Razor Shark

When these seaweeds are revealed, the same symbols will appear in their places. If luck smiles on you, then all of these Algae can be replaced by wild characters of the white shark. Yeah, yeah, that's right, bro! Wild symbols will fearlessly swim across the reels and help you collect winning combinations.

Imagine the winnings you could snatch if all those mystical rows turn into wild symbols! It's going to be unbelievable! Your winnings will multiply as if by magic and you will be swimming in an ocean of wealth!

So keep your eyes open! When the mystical rows reveal their power, you should be ready to collect all the winnings they'll offer you. Go ahead, swim with the wave and master the magical symbols in this awesome Shark slot!

Golden shark

That's not all! The Razor Shark slot has another amazing symbol that can appear in the mystical row - the golden shark! This is something completely unreal!

Razor Shark

Every golden shark gives you instant winwhich can range from 1x to 2500x. Yeah, you heard right, bro! It's like a treasure chest, only instead of gold, it's gold sharks! When they show up, you know you have a solid prize waiting for you.

But that's not all, because some golden sharks, being very generous, can turn into sea mines. And you know what that means, right? Free spins! You trigger a bonus round with extra spins where you can grab even more wins.

It may seem like a dream, but it's all reality! Golden sharks and mystical rows will create a real magical atmosphere around you. Spin the reels and dream that every next symbol can become a golden shark, bringing you huge wins.

So keep your eyes open! Get ready for some incredible treasureswhich you will bring you a golden shark. Immerse yourself in this amazing world and make a huge score in the slot "Razor Shark"!

Bonus multiplier

Oh, and did you know that the bonus rounds of the Razor Shark slot have another cool feature? Every time you win on a spin, your winnings are multiplied by a bonus multiplier.. And most importantly, this multiplier shows up on our bitten shark surfing the waves!

Play Razor Shark

At the beginning of the bonus round, the multiplier starts at 1. And then with each new spin, it grows by 1. It's like a shark that is gaining speed and ready to jump on its prey. But in our case, it's a win multiplier that grows and grows with every spin!

Imagine the huge money you can snap up with this bonus multiplier. Your winnings will simply skyrocket like a rocket in the sky! You'll watch the numbers on the Surfer Shark increase and the stars of the money signs will shine in your eyes!

Razor Shark

So, when you spin the reels in the bonus round, keep your eyes on this bonus multiplier. It will be your faithful companion in your quest for huge winnings. And don't forget that each new spin can bring you even more money, thanks to this cool bonus multiplier!

Get ready, for huge skids and extreme winnings in the slot "Razor Shark"! Follow that bonus multiplier and show who's the real captain of the ocean here!

List of symbols

List of symbols in the Razor Shark slot:

  1. White shark: This is the most valuable symbol in the entire slot. Not only is it expensive, but it's also wild! That is, it can substitute for any other symbol to help you make a winning combination. It's like a real water ninja!
  2. A sea mine: This symbol plays a special role in our adventure. It is a scatter symbol. If you manage to snag 3 or more mines at once, then get ready for the incredible! You will trigger the free spins bonus round. It's like a free ticket to a cool gambling party!

These symbols are just a wind-up! The white shark will be your faithful companion and will help you win more money. And the sea mine is your key to the bonus round, where you can get even more spins and winnings.

So keep your eyes open! When you see a white shark, you know you're in for a big win. And when you meet a sea mine, you'll already know that free spins are waiting for you. Get ready for exciting adventures and huge wins in Razor Shark slot!

Razor Shark

In the Razor Shark slot, different kinds of sharks are the symbols that can bring you big wins. If you see a lot of sharks on the reels, this could be your lucky ticket to a big score!

When you look at the reels and see a lot of sharks, it means that something big is about to happen. After all, each kind of shark has its own value and can bring you a nice win. When they line up in a winning combination, you can count on big money!

So be careful when you see sharks on the reels. It means that luck may smile on you and lead to a big win. Don't be afraid to place a bet and try your luck, because only the strongest players get huge yougames!

Get ready for exciting moments and the opportunity to hit a huge jackpot with the powerful shark symbols in Razor Shark slot!

Razor Shark

In the slot "Razor Shark" in addition to cool sharks, we have the usual symbols that create the atmosphere of the underwater world. Here you can meet different things that will help us fully immerse in this theme.

  • Aqualung: This symbol just screams "get ready for adventure!". The aqualung is our diving equipment. When it appears on the reels, it's like we put on our spacesuits and are ready to dive into the depths of the sea.
  • Flippers: These symbols remind us of the speed and grace with which we will swim. The flippers will help us move quickly and nimbly underwater. When they meet on the reels, we know we are ready for endless adventures in the ocean.
  • Mask: This symbol allows us to see all the beautiful things underwater. The mask gives us the opportunity to see all the details and beauty of the underwater world. When we see the mask on the reels, we are already ready for a stunning sight and stunning winnings.
  • A camera for underwater photography: This symbol is our indispensable companion in our underwater adventures. With it we can capture all the brightest moments and save them for a long memory. When the camera appears on the reels, we know that we are destined to capture unforgettable winnings.

These are the kind of symbols that create a unique atmosphere in Razor Shark slot. They immerse us in the world of underwater adventures and create a perfect combination with powerful sharks. So watch out for the symbols, they will be our loyal companions in the hunt for winnings!

Razor Shark

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What is the special feature of the bonus round in Razor Shark slot?

The bonus round includes free spins and the ability to trigger them with the scatter symbol - a sea mine.

Which symbol is the most expensive yet wild symbol in the Razor Shark slot?

The most expensive symbol and wild symbol is the white shark.

Which symbol can turn into a sea mine and trigger bonus spins?

The golden shark can turn into a sea mine and trigger the free spins bonus round.

What happens when the mystical row unfolds in the Razor Shark slot?

When a mystical row is revealed, identical symbols appear in its place, which can lead to wins.

What happens to the bonus multiplier during the bonus round in Razor Shark slot?

The bonus multiplier starts at 1 and increases by 1 with each new spin, increasing the player's winnings.

How many lines are there in the Razor Shark slot?

The Razor Shark slot has 20 lines to create winning combinations.

Is it possible to buy the bonus round in Razor Shark slot?

No, there is no option to buy the bonus round in Razor Shark slot. It can only be triggered by the scatter symbol.

Does the Razor Shark slot have a fast play mode?

Yes, Razor Shark slot has a turbo mode that speeds up the gameplay.

What is the volatility of the Razor Shark slot?

The Razor Shark slot has high volatility, which means that wins can be large but rare.

What is the return to player (RTP) percentage in Razor Shark slot?

The RTP (Return to Player) of the Razor Shark slot is 96,70%, indicating that in the long run, a player can expect a return of 96,70% from their bets.

Is it possible to adjust the bet in Razor Shark slot?

Yes, in Razor Shark slot, the player can adjust the bet by varying its size within the limits set.

What is the reel configuration in the Razor Shark slot?

Razor Shark slot utilizes a 5x4 reel configuration, meaning 5 reels and 4 rows of symbols on each reel.

Does the Razor Shark slot have an auto play feature?

Yes, Razor Shark slot has an auto play feature that allows you to set a certain number of automatic spins.

What was the release year of the Razor Shark slot?

Razor Shark slot was released in 2019.

Is the maximum winnings in Razor Shark slot limited?

No, the maximum winnings in Razor Shark slot are not limited and can reach very high values.